Tuesday, May 30, 2023

The NRA Bashes The ATF

The NRA is taking on the ATF again, saying it is an "unconstitutional overreach" to regulate pistol braces.

Landlords Stopping Tenants from Owning a Gun

Find out the law about landlords not allowing tenants to have a gun inside their rental home?

Russia Claims it Will Not Start War With Ukraine After Biden Warns of Invasion

(DailyFix.org) – Over the last month, Russia ordered over 100,000 troops to its western border with Ukraine. For weeks, the United States has warned...

Spry Older Shopper Foils Thief

(DailyFix.org) – In one community four hours northwest of Vancouver, Canada, residents are growing weary because of the number of blatant crimes. The situation...

Child Denied Life-Saving Treatment Because Parents Were Unvaccinated

(DailyFix.org) – In April 2020, then-President Donald Trump warned that the cure to COVID-19 couldn’t be worse than the disease. Still, it seems that...

Tom Cotton Demands Immediate Removal of Russian Financial Institutions

(DailyFix.org) – Senator Tom Cotton (R-AR) has had it with President Joe Biden’s “pussyfooting around” the crisis in Ukraine. According to the senator, there’s...

Trump Criticizes China Initiative Cancellation: Big Mistake

(DailyFix.org) – US officials concerned with China’s relentless theft of American intellectual property and other sensitive information are taking a different approach after President...

Biden’s Pleas to Stop Russia Rebuffed by China

(DailyFix.org) – When the world saw Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping align together ahead of the Olympics earlier in February,...

Biden Reverses Trump China Policy, US Solar Factory Folds

(DailyFix.org) – During the 2016 presidential campaign, then-Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump promised to fight China’s unfair business practices and bring manufacturing back to...

Claim: Biden Hiding Massive Pandemic Fraud

(DailyFix.org) – In 2020, Congress authorized three COVID-relief measures to help businesses and individuals get through the worst of the initial phases of the...

WATCH: Carlson Warns Sanctions Will Hurt Americans

(DailyFix.org) – On Monday, February 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin laid out his view of Ukraine’s history and said it was crazy that Ukraine...

Russia Declares Two New Republics, Defying NATO

(DailyFix.org) – Since 2014, Russian separatist groups living in the eastern regions of Ukraine, near the Russian border, have been at war with Ukraine....

China Punishes US by Slapping Down New Sanctions

(DailyFix.org) – President Joe Biden is juggling several serious foreign affairs issues. The situation in Ukraine has been and continues to be volatile and...

As Crime Rates Surge, Some Democrats Change Tune

(DailyFix.org) – In the 1990s, Democrats like then-Senator Joe Biden (D-DE) passed strict laws against violent crimes and illegal drug activity. In 2018, progressive...

Bunny Somehow Ends Up Infiltrating US Pentagon Courtyard

(DailyFix.org) – The US military’s most fortified building, the Pentagon, is supposed to be impenetrable to any unauthorized individuals. Yet, what if the intruder...

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